to the service road behind odd nos. 3-11 Vale Lane, 41-231 Princes Gardens and 49-83 Tudor Gardens

This service road is managed by Hanger Hill Garden Estate Residents Association (HHGERA). We have to maintain the road so it safe for residents, emergency vehicles and the Ealing Council refuse collection lorries. The road is very old and has been gradually deteriorating for many years. It is now at the point where repair is needed. We have given notice by way of a hand-delivered circular to the houses concerned that repairs are planned for this year.


The cost of these will be shared between the 119 houses with access to the service road, in accordance with the HHGERA Constitution. A similar funding method was used for previous repairs elsewhere on the Estate in 2004.


  • We expect repairs to cover around 150sqm of the worst surface at the places shown on the map. This will mean breaking out the old concrete, excavating the holes and replacing with mesh reinforced concrete.

  • The work is planned in the second half of 2021 and to take 2-3 weeks to complete in phases, with the relevant section/s closed at the time.

  • We are obtaining quotes from at least four contractors and requesting alternative repair solutions. We expect to be able to hold the cost below £400 per house.

Service road repairs map incl Gate G.jpg
  • We will put the final specification, the quotations received, the cost per house and our reasons for selecting the successful bid on this page in due course and alert residents that we have done so.

  • We will then invoice you for payment of your share before work begins.

  • It is a requirement that house owners contribute to the maintenance of the service roads. Repairs costs are shared equally by the houses concerned and unpaid shares will be recovered through the courts if necessary.

  • The work will start as soon as 80% of houses have paid and 80% of the cost is covered.

  • The project is on the agenda for discussion at the Annual General Meeting of the Houses Management Board on 25 March 2021.

  • This work is a special project under the HHGERA Constitution so it cannot be paid for by annual service charge or HHGERA reserves.

  • Please forward any comments by email to or in writing to 227 Princes Gardens, W3 0LU.

  • If you are a Tenant email your landlord or agent details to