A short history 

The story begins at the turn of the century, when Hanger Hill House stood at the crest of the hill, surrounded by farmland.

"The Hanger Hill Garden Estate is not only a landmark in our Borough, but equally deserves honourable mention in any account of London domestic architecture in the present century. Until now we have lacked a unified account of the Estate and its development. Norman Pointing, a long term resident, Ward Councillor and in his turn First Citizen of the Borough, has undertaken a labour of love, and it shows."

The quote comes from the foreword by M.W. Moss (then Borough Librarian) to Norman Pointing's book 'The Hanger Hill Garden Estate'. Much of the research reproduced in this site is fully credited to Norman Pointing, to whom all those associated with the Estate remain deeply indebted.

So sit back and relax, click the links, and learn the fascinating history of the Hanger Hill Garden Estate.

  1. The early years

  2. Acton Aerodrome

  3. Development of the Estate

  4. The Estate is completed

  5. The 1930s

  6. 'Fishy'

  7. The war years 1939-1945

  8. The 1950s

  9. The 1960s and 1970s

  10. The 1980s

  11. The saga for