The Hanger Hill Garden Estate is a conservation area 

That means strict rules on the external alterations that can be made.

The Estate has been a Conservation Area since 1969 and is subject to rigorous planning control for all external changes to houses, flats and garages. Ealing Council has approved a Management Plan for the Estate, supported by a Character Appraisal document including some interesting old photos, maps and history of the Estate, and a design guide setting out how to maintain property in keeping with the conservation design. All can be downloaded from this page or via the Council website.


In addition the Estate is subject to an Article 4 Direction, which can be downloaded by clicking here. There are restrictions on:

  1. The enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwelling house. This includes: 

    • replacement of windows and doors

    • alteration of front porches

    • replacement of roof materials

    • erection, alteration or removal of a chimney

  2. The erection of a garage, stable, loosebox or coach-house within the curtilage of a dwelling house

  3. Erection or formation of a porch (including infilling).

  4. Formation of a vehicle hardstanding within the curtilage of a dwelling house.

  5. Installation, alteration or replacement of satellite antennae on the front elevation of a dwelling house.

  6. Erection of gates, fences, walls or other means of enclosure fronting onto a highway.

  7. Formation of an access to a highway.

  8. Painting of any previously unpainted surfaces on the exterior of any buildings.


Double glazing has historically not been allowed on the front of houses on the Estate. However, Ealing Council Planning Department does now approve replacement of windows on houses in the Estate with double glazed timber framed windows at the front and UPVc at the back. The Flats management board is seeking blanket approval for double glazing on all the blocks of flats but at the time of writing this was bogged down in the planning process. Click here for more information.


House owners and residents must obtain planning permission before any exterior changes to houses, garages and gardens are made. Unauthorised work is illegal and could involve a fine or Court action. Any unacceptable work must be put right at the owner's expense. Ealing Council has an enforcement team that visits the Estate regularly to check for breaches of planning regulations.