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The Estate is completed

The western part of the Estate was completed last, in 1936.

It seems that this sale was necessary to finance the building of the second, western part of the Estate. Residents recalled that Mr Cooper's son -- "young Mr. Sidney" -- was on site throughout the planning and building of the western part of the Estate, and that the Cooper family were to take great interest and pride in it.

In the area generally, the late 1920's saw the construction of the A40 Western Avenue, with a variety of industrial activities being established to the north east of the Garden Estate. In 1931, the Metal Box Company acquired their original factory on the site adjoining the Estate, taking over the premises from the British Can Company which had started there some four years earlier. Metal Box rented a small number of houses on the Estate for their key workers (later purchasing these properties).

As to the Alliance factory, it is known that another Waring & Gillow company made gramophones there during 1920-21. In 1925 Renault Ltd took over the factory, later erecting premises alongside. In 1936 the old aircraft factory became the home of a tool dealing firm and in 1937 it was a Royal Air Force storage unit. 

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With the eastern part of the Estate complete, Mr. Cooper's company turned to development of the western part of the Estate. Over the years 1933 to 1936, this added the houses on the west side of Monks Drive, Links Road nos. 9 to 27 and 22 to 36 Queens Drive, together with all the flats. The last part to be completed consisted of the flats on the south side of Queens Drive, a sitting and play area being retained where the old Tudor Tennis Club had been.

Meanwhile, in December 1933, Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd had sold the eastern (first) half of the Estate to Capital and Counties Property Company Ltd.


It was covenanted that "the said…. Company …. keep the shrubberies and ornamental gardens and ground which are included in the property ... in good order... and not use or permit the same to be used for any purpose other than those of pleasure and ornament nor suffer to be permitted on the said gardens or an any part thereof any waste spoil or destruction and to keep the said gardens all manured and managed according to the approved methods of gardening…"

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