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Welcome to the Hanger Hill Garden Estate and its residents association 

The Association works for all residents of the Estate, whether living in the houses or flats; it is run entirely by volunteers and everyone who lives here is welcome to participate in its work.

Click here for our super Autumn 2023 newsletter, here for all the papers from this year's AGM; here to learn more about the Association, try out our Twitter feed, use the Contact Form to email us or come along to one of our regular events.

Hanger Hill Garden Estate Residents Association (HHGERA) works for everyone who lives or owns property on our Estate. We have two distinct roles - as a community group for everyone who lives here, organising social events and liaising with Ealing Council and other local groups; and as manager of the communally-owned gardens (other than those surrounding the flats), the service roads behind houses, boundaries, fences and trees, and general security issues. We also monitor and respond to planning matters affecting the Estate. 

Note that the Association does not manage the blocks of flats on the Estate, which have their own management company (click here for information).


Follow the links on the left for more about the Estate, Association news and useful links to other sites.  If you have time, do read the fascinating and often moving history of the Estate -- from the early days when Hanger Hill was open countryside, to successive battles over development plans for the surrounding area.  


In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the website - and our Twitter feed  @hhgeranews (which can be seen on the HHGE news page) and would welcome any feedback

What's new

Autumn 2023 newsletter: Click here to download the latest edition of HHGERA News, the residents association newsletter. We always welcome contributions so do contact us via if you have an idea for an interesting story or would like to help produce future editions.

Crime preventionWe’re lucky to be in a low crime area by Ealing and London standards and HHGERA works closely with local Police to combat burglaries, antisocial behaviour and car crime. Some simple security measures can help keep the criminals at bay, so please always to keep service road gates locked, never keep valuables in your car and consider installing a doorbell camera - especially if you are often away. It's important always to report crimes if they do take place, as it helps Police to allocate resources in the right places.

Annual General Meeting
 The residents association and Houses Management Board AGMs were held on March 30th 2023 at Holy Family School on Vale Lane and attended by nearly 50 residents. Our local policing team gave a brief talk and provided crime prevention leaflets, and Ealing Councillor Fabio Conti also attended. The meeting approved the respective accounts, budgets a
nd nominations. House owners also agreed that their annual service charge would be held at £60 per house in 2023 rising to £70 in 2024. (The flats on the Estate have their own different management company and service charge.) Click here for minutes of the meeting; here for the agenda and other papers; here to send any comments about the matters discussed; and here for the papers from last year's AGM. 


Community events! PlayStreet is back on this year as a chance for everyone to hang out and meet neighbours. The next one will be from 2-4pm on Sunday October 29th on Monks Drive, with a Halloween theme. Watch out too for news of other community events, such as litter picking and hopefully a classical concert sometime soon. We need help organising events so please contact if you would like to contribute, or to join the informal network of neighbours who keep our Estate clean and tidy between organised litter picking events.

Houses service charge: The charge was again held at £60 a house for 2023, with an increase to £70 in 2024 approved at the AGM. Please pay promptly, preferably online, and provide an email address if you would prefer to be contacted by email in future. You can email if you have any questions about the service charge and/or don't know how to pay.

Support still available: Covid hasn't gone away and the wonderful network of volunteers set up at the height of the pandemic is still there to help out if you need it. If you do need some help, if you would like to join in this community effort or if you are concerned about someone living on the Estate please email .

School street camera enforcement: Cameras have been issuing tickets to any cars that enter the controlled zone of Vale Lane outside Holy Family School during dropping-off and picking-up times (8.15-9.15am and 3-4pm). Exemptions are only available for people who live inside the zone - not the generality of residents on our Estate. We have been assured that the cameras will be turned off during school holidays, but any cars parked in the zone during controlled hours in term time will be ticketed unless they have a permit. 

Rubbish, recycling and litter: Please be considerate to your neighbours by NEVER parking on service roads, as this blocks the recycling lorries; ONLY putting rubbish into the appropriate bin; picking up any litter you see, and reporting missed collections via the Ealing Council website. 

Skip permits: You need a permit to put a skip on any of the service roads that belong to the houses part of the Estate - click here to download the form.

Volunteers needed: Would you like to contribute to our community by joining the volunteers who work to maintain our lovely Estate? It needn't take up much of your time and is a great way to get to know your neighbours.  Email to find out more. 

Ultra-low Emission zone: Click here to check if and how your car may be affected.

Crime and policing: Click here for updates and stats, here to learn about a new Police-sponsored online information service and here for a great little booklet on scams.

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